Diamond Head at mid-day seen from Ala Wai canal, buildings and cars edited out.

I think this is an immature coconut. About three inches in length, much smaller than a regulation coconut; fell from a palm tree that was full of them.


 La'ie Point, a lava projection, state beach park.

Ahupua'a O Kahana State Park, seen from Ka'a'awa. These volcanic mountains (called pali) are everywhere on Oahu, a reminder that the entire island is made of lava.


Mākaha State Beach Park.

Sweetest pineapple ever.

Diamond Head, Waikiki.



 Ala Wai Canal and Diamond Head Crater.

 Koolau Mtn range. Honolulu Watershed Forest Reserve is up in those mountains, almost always engulfed in rain clouds and fog.

Ocean, Waikiki.



 The road to Vegas. That billboard advertises a pawn shop.

Monsoons and great desert color.


Off Cabrillo Memorial Dr. About 4x5"


Plein air sketches by bike! About 4x6", San Diego River and Mission Bay. Very grey day.


Chewy, 9 x 9"

Just spent a week housesitting and caring for this very sweet, aging Pomeranian that we've known for eleven years. I am not a dog person, but she's pretty special.


Near Escondido. 4-5" x6"


The Point from Shelter Island, 4 x 5"

Scripps Ranch, 4 x 9"


Found Rose, 9" x 5"


Near Campo. 4" x 6"

Santa Ysabel open space. 5" x 7" Five-minute sketch.

All of these are small, quickly-done plein air sketches as I get acquainted with the medium. Single biggest factor in the outcome is the paper, which makes a profound difference.


3.5" x 9"

The view from A-1 Storage, bay and waterfront. 5" x 9"

East county field, off 94. 5" x 9"


Near Barrett Junction. 3.5" x 9.5"

Along 94 near Barrett Junction. 4" x 9"

Along 94, 7" x 5". Three-minute sketch.

Watercolor really is a completely different language. With lots of dialects.


And now for something completely different

Honey Springs Rd at 94. 3.5" x 9"

Along 94, 3" x 5"

Exploration in watercolor.


Re-bedding the Lower Shroud Deck Plates

A year ago, I wouldn't have even known what that means. Now I actually know how it's done. Much more enjoyable to draw my husband while he's working on it, though. :)

Walnut ink, about 6x6" each. He was working, not posing, so these were done in 1 - 3 minutes each. Out of eighteen, these are some I like.




All small, from 8X10 to 4X5, oil on gessoed paper.  This last one is on dacron sail cloth, re-purposing a headsail that was destroyed in a windstorm.


Small ones

Quarry, 6 x 8", oil

Camino del Dinero, 6 x 8", oil