Sunset, Waikiki. Farewell to Hawaii for now, but not for long.


Pyramid Rock, beach at MCBH, Kaneohe Bay. It was almost too hot to paint that day and no shade around, so this was done very quickly indeed.

Studies of the lava mountains above Waikiki that form the Honolulu watershed.

Different time of day and rare cloud-free sun.


 Hibiscus blossom. Flowers everywhere here.


Mokule'ia Beach Park, Oahu's north shore. 

Sea turtle studies. There were several of these beautiful endangered beings at the shore, but they don't stay long and it's forbidden to get close to them.

Clear, warm water and coral reefs, hardly anyone else around. A wonderful swim in the company of many fishes. 


Pu'u O Hulu (distant) and Ma'ili'ili seen from Kane'ilio Point, Waianae.  Looking southward on Oahu's western shore.

Papaya. The fruit here is unsurpassable.


Kaneilio Point, Poka'i Bay, Waianae.

Java Sparrows, aka Java Finches. Classed as vulnerable on the endangered species list, because Asian countries are trying to eradicate them as rice-eating pests. Here in Hawaii, they are loved. Although still scarce, they're doing better.