Central Coast

4" X 6" gouache.

Both these and the previous post were done around Lompoc, which is a really nice area for landscape. These are more little experiments in gouache.  It's a medium that often appeals to oil painters, because it can be used in much the same way and is very forgiving especially when painted over gessoed paper (like below).  But used as a thin wash on paper, it behaves pretty  much the same as transparent water color although with less granulation.

4" X 6" gouache on gessoed paper. 


Rural sketch

4 X 6" gouache & watercolor.  A scene from the central coast of California, near Lompoc.


Zombie Self

 7" X 5", gouache on canvas panel



Fellow AIR Lisa Jetonne (check out her amazing residency blog) has designed a promo card and poster for the upcoming Cabrillo Centennial show.  If you're in the area, please check it out:

You can also see 2013 AIR Bill Griswold's book of stunning photos here (click "preview" to see the whole book).


Sun Pillar and "Brushstroke"

Took this in January from our balcony with my phone camera, and still just love this photo.