South of ABQ

Trail at Kim, 11 X 14"  oil on paper (BFK) SOLD

Stagecoach Rd at Kim, 11 X 14", oil/BFK


North of Albuquerque

South from Placitas (north of Albuquerque), 6" X 8" (not currently for sale--the one below is available)

Continuing with the limited neutral palette of yellow ochre, earth red and ultramarine.

North from Forest Loop, 8" X 6", oil/canvas panel.


ABQ week two

High Desert, 9" X 12", oil on paper (BFK) SOLD

The landscape is subtle around Albuquerque, and the atmosphere hazy, so it seemed like an opportune time to try a limited palette.  It's always a good exercise, because the whole strategy is turned around 180 degrees.  Instead of fighting loud pigments, the goal is getting the most color possible out of the limited, neutral palette while letting value and color relationships play a bigger part in making the statement.  The colors I chose (in addition to white) were yellow ochre, red earth, and ultramarine.