Gray Morning

Grey overcast, plus haze in the air.  Atmospheric!  6" X 8" oil/canvas panel.



I love when the fog does this, creeping over the Point like fingers.  This was the afternoon of the same day as the previous post.  6 X 8", plein air, oil/canvas panel.


Morning ebb tide

In the morning before the winds come up, especially if the tide is ebbing, the surface of the water is smooth as glass.  8 X 6", plein air, oil/canvas panel.


La Playa Cove (sold)

Fog over the Point.  First painting in our new home; this is the view from our balcony.  Of course it's full of boats, since the Yacht Club is right here, but this is the essence of the water and Point Loma.  This will be a series.  6 X 6", plein air. (sold)



My mom loves hummingbirds, so a dear friend of hers sends her hummingbird figurines.  Her house is full of all sorts of them.  These two sat on a sunny windowsill. 



The other quick sketch to get the feel of the water-soluble oil paints.  I tried a loose wash for a background, just diluting the paint with water.  It makes a lovely wash, with more substance but also more stickiness and drag than paint thinned with spirits.  All in all I love how these paints make me push more.  They're forgiving of indecision too, since they chalk up less than traditional oils when an area is re-worked. 



For my trip to Oregon, I bought a selection of Holbein Duo water-soluble oils so I wouldn't have to deal with finding some thinner and oil mediums.  I've never used these before, but a number of my painting friends like them.  They do handle differently and take some getting used-to.  To try them out, I dashed off a couple very fast and loose sketches.  This is the consummate Oregon landscape--thick woods with a bare slope of clearcut. 



While visiting Mom in Oregon, I was fortunate to meet a group of enthusiastic and dedicated painters who allowed me to sit in on their weekly class.  I did this little still life with some "props" that happened to be available, and thoroughly enjoyed the energy and spirit of the group.  The teacher has a very good eye and insight, and contributed some very helpful feedback.  Thanks, all you Rogue River Painters!