Rembrandt and Vermeer, finished

This one is done now, and I'm very happy with the result. I've also finished a Vermeer commission, and will post that below the Rembrandt.

 24 x 20" oil/canvas. There were issues with copying this one in person, largely due to darkening over time and glare within the gallery. The high-resolution images on the NGA.gov website were immensely helpful. In person, this is a very successful painting and has a real presence. Here are a couple detail shots. Use "open link in new tab" to see the fully enlarged image.

The Vermeer which was begun months ago is finished as well, I blogged about it before here. The final painting and some detail shots are below.

24 x 20", oil on canvas. Source imagery thanks to the Rijksmuseum.

Details ("open link in new tab"):


If you missed the earlier  post, there is a lot of great information about the meanings of these objects here. The symbolism has been debated for centuries, but even just the literal meanings of these objects are fascinating. The bread basket was hung on the wall to keep the bread away from mice. The dark object above that is a framed picture. The footwarmer on the floor has been interpreted as sexual metaphor (heat under the skirt), especially given the Cupid tile next to it and her bare arm, but it was also a practical fixture in daily life.