Stuart Shils Painting Intensive

I'm leaving tomorrow for a weekend workshop with PKR, so there'll be some interesting things to document next week I'm sure.  In the meantime, here's information about a great opportunity to take a 3-day masterclass with Stuart Shils, here in San Diego at the end of April.  I am helping organize this, with Painting Perceptions (a wonderful resource, if you haven't discovered it yet).   If you need more inspiration to look into this intensive workshop, here's an interview with Stuart Shils that posted last month.  This is for intermediate to advanced painters, and it's not the usual technique-related instruction.  It's all about the perceptual process in front of nature, our editorial process, and how we respond to what we see, and how we create a painting from that. This will be a small group, 12 maximum, and expected to fill quickly so don't delay.  Click on the image below to see a larger (hopefully readable) version, or here is the pdf version.



Simplified Shadow Mass

I thought the principle would work best if all the elements in shadow were close in value when in light.  I'm surprised, the result is better than I expected.  Again, the gesture is very loosely based on a photo, but everything else is invented.  7" X 5" oil/canvas panel.



Ice Cream Scoop

6" X 8", oil on canvas panel.  A tiny (upside-down) self portrait, reflected in an ice cream scoop.  Which, if you think about it, speaks volumes... :)



4" X 5"

 Approx. 6" X 5".  Both are oil on canvas panel.