Take Cover

Today we are sheltering in place from Tropical Storm Darby, so this seemed like a good one to post (done a couple weeks ago).  It's a rapidly-moving storm at Kaneohe which ended up soaking me before I would stop painting it and take cover.  6 x 8" oil on primed heavy bamboo paper.

North Shore Calm.  6 x 8" oil on primed heavy bamboo paper.  Paint applied with rags, almost an underpainting but had too much going for it to paint over.


Clouds, and Sky reflected

Clouds over the Koolaus, 8 x 6", oil on primed wc paper.

 Looking down into the creek below our (10th floor) apartment, where there are goldfish and a sublime reflection of the sky and dense plant life along the bank. 6 x 8". oil on primed Hahnemuhle.


Skying at the Soccer Fields

 View across the Soccer Fields in Pearl City, HI; trees in bloom and clouds.

Gravel parking lot overlooking the soccer fields.

A scattered young tree, soccer fields and Waianae range in the background.

These are all 6 x 8" oil on primed paper.  This was the first "plein air by bike" outing in quite a while (longtime readers will remember that I used to do a lot of that), it hasn't been easy finding rideable roads here in Hawaii.  The soccer fields are deserted early in the morning, acres and acres of open space and sky.  Gotta get out early before it gets too hot.


Skying at the Beach

5 x 7", clouds at Bellows Beach, oil on primed Hahnemuhle Ingres paper.  Winds were strong enough to blow sand all over the painting (visible if you look close) and my palette.

6 x 8", Pyramid Beach, oil on primed Fabriano rough watercolor paper.  This storm was a real soaker.