Aveyron 12 - La Salvetat des Cart

Aveyron 12 - La Salvetat des Cart

It was a very hot and hazy day; we followed the road down to the Priory (11th Century) and as we left, we stopped beside the highway which gave a good view of the whole setting. There are three or four ridges visible from there, but the haze made it hard to distinguish them. This is a small 30-minute study.


Aveyron 11 - above Castanet

Another quick sketch, when we stopped on the road above this village. About all you can see is a lot of trees, a few glimpses of house roofs, and the cathedral spire. Very characteristic.


Aveyron 9 - Lavender Field

Aveyron 9 Lavender Field

A few kilometers southwest of where we are staying (so this may be in the Tarn-et-Garonne).


Aveyron 7 - near Cantagrel

Aveyron 7

These fields on the tops of hills are beautiful from a distance.


Aveyron 5

Aveyron 5

 The terrain here is undulating, steep in places, and covered with agriculture and some wooded areas.




Aveyron--Les Costes


Here we are, in the Aveyron region of southwest France. This is a sketchy rendition of the little house we're staying in, which doesn't do justice to the rustic stone that it's constructed of. It's a very small, old house with a fascinating history, which you can read here on the blog of the delightful people for whom we are house-sitting.