A Nice Surprise

I'm the featured artist this week on Judson's Plein Air Journal!  I had no idea that was in the works, just got a note from Sarah Judson after the post was up!   She chose one of my favorite Cabrillo paintings to feature, Searchlight Shelter.   Judson's is a long-time favorite source of plein air supplies, they've got everything--including the Guerrilla Painter line of pochade boxes, like my little one pictured on my bike -->.

Also this week, Katherine Tyrrell kindly included my autumn DC painting post on her terrific Art of the Landscape blog.  Katherine's blogs are always interesting and informative.


Adventures in DC

Constitution at Pennsylvania Avenue, 6" X 8", oil/canvas panel

The fall colors were still mostly on the trees, but leaves were falling fast and some trees were already quite bare.

National Mall from the steps of the National Gallery, 8" X 6", o/cp

The National Gallery has a fabulous Sculpture Garden, and that was a great place to sit and paint.

Landscape with Ellsworth Kelly, 8" X 6", o/cp

8th and G at Sunset, 8" X 6", o/cp



20" X 24", oil on stretched canvas.  There are tidepools and shoreline below the "new" lighthouse which are not accessible to the general public.  The effect of this was obvious when I saw these beautiful stones and shells laying there undisturbed. Two of the three "zones" of tidepools at the monument are open to the public, and even though there is a strict rule against lifting or disturbing anything there, those areas are pretty well picked clean.  I loved having the chance to see these natural ocean-polished stones, shells, and even coral.

Because this is a larger painting, the resolution of my camera doesn't pick up the detail too well--so here are some detail shots.

Thanks again to the very gracious Coast Guard family who granted me the opportunity to see and paint these beautiful scenes and objects by the lower Lighthouse.