Happy Endings

In April I submitted some work to a show in Boston, juried by a very important East Coast painter:  George Nick.  George is the mentor of my friend Larry Groff, who publishes the formidable Painting Perceptions blog.  Larry encouraged me to submit some work to this show, and I'm glad he did, because this piece was accepted:

"Late Afternoon", 12" X 10", oil/stretched canvas

The show is "Matter, Medium, Meaning:  Contemporary Still Life" at the Copley Society of Art.  If any of you will be in Boston between May 19 and June 28, check it out!  You can view the exhibition online at the link above, click on "view now."

The other happy ending is the outcome of the Stuart Shils masterclass which concluded Sunday. We had a truly superb group of painters, and Stuart was the most inspiring and dedicated teacher imaginable.  It's very difficult to describe the energy, direction and motivation which came out of it.   It surpassed all my expectations, which were very high indeed.