Vermeer and Duchamp

Two projects in process currently: a commission for Vermeer's Milkmaid, and a commissioned Rembrandt at the National Gallery.

The Vermeer is a huge challenge, especially because I can't work from the original which is in the Netherlands. So, I requested a high-resolution image and information from the Rijksmuseum, which they very kindly sent. This link is a wealth of information about this painting, Vermeer's masterwork, which is full of symbolism and sublime beauty. When I took it on, I didn't realize how much difference it would make that I couldn't see the actual work. The authoritative image is only as good as the monitor with which one views it, so I loaded it onto several computers and tried to sort of "average" the color interpretation.

Here is the work in progress, probably 2-3 weeks from being finished, lots of adjustments and details to be done:

24" x 20", oil/stretched canvas

The other commission I've done recently is Duchamp's Nude Descending a Staircase, for a very dear friend and fellow artist who traded an original work for it. I was the winner in that deal. :)

This work was outside my comfort zone for sure, but I learned so much about how Duchamp worked. 13" x  9", oil/stretched canvas