Ocotillo Late Morning

Ocotillo, due east from San Diego, is a beautiful, wide-open space.

Looking north.  (not currently available--please inquire)

The scrub is still quite green from recent rains, and the ocotillo is still leafed out and blooming.

Looking east.  (not currently available--please inquire)

The subtlety of the colors in the desert and the beauty of the "big empty" (not to mention the hot, dry air) make this a magical place.

Looking south.  11 X 14", oil on gessoed BFK

We got there in the late morning.  As we got out of the car, we saw two desert iguanas--and one of them came right up to us!  It was the smaller of the two, so probably male or possibly a juvenile, although still well over a foot in length.  He was eating buds on the small weeds, unconcerned with us; then he kept getting closer:

Finally, he jumped right up on my husband...

Much later we learned that they are attracted to the yellow flowers of the creosote bushes, so that is probably what this guy had in mind.  Eventually he calmly meandered off, in search of more succulent buds to eat.