Road Trip (cont.)

Heading east through Oregon toward Idaho, we had to cover a lot of distance each day.  There wasn't time to stop and paint, so I did more small paintings with the paintbox on my lap as we drove.  This was a lot more fun than I thought it would be.

 6" x 8", oil/canvas panel.
East of Crater Lake, cloud shadows on the distant hills.  Sometimes a scene (like this one) was unchanged for long enough that I could pretty much quickly paint just what I saw.  Other times, I'd create a "composite" scene--foreground, then distant hills from further down the road, then a tree from further on.  The one below was created that way:

6 X 8" o/cp
The colors are very muted and the soil is very red in much of eastern Oregon, and visible along the shoulder and hillsides.  Beautiful.

In eastern Oregon, we stayed overnight in Vale at:

Yep, that's the name, but NOT to be confused with:

from this iconic movie.  Even though they are almost certainly contemporaries in time, our Bates Motel is an original from (probably) the 60's, still owned and run by people actually named Bates.  A virtual time capsule, featuring a kitchen appliance I'd never seen before, combining a sink, three electric burners, and a refrigerator (where you'd expect to find the oven):

That is indeed my bottle of M. Graham walnut oil on the counter, and not for cooking...