Sunrise 3

Shadows have beautiful color, and can say so much about the presence of things not seen.  Third in a series done at Fort Rosecrans, with the Cabrillo Monument Visitor Center in the background. 6 X 8", oil on canvas panel.

These small plein air paintings are done with my Guerrilla Painter Thumb-box which fits on the small rear rack of my road bike.  I ride out to wherever I paint on site, so keeping it small is helpful.  If I'm hiking or taking public transit, I use a larger EasyL setup with tripod.  There's something very enjoyable about keeping the setup so simple though, and people seem genuinely happy to see someone out there with a bike and a paint box.  Sometimes they stop and say so, which is very nice of them. Here's my setup--everything I need, box and all, fits into that canvas bag which I bungee onto the rack (where the box is sitting).