Toulouse Train Station

Toulouse-Matabiau, early morning

A small portion of the train station, actually. This very rough sketch was done in the early morning from our hotel room across the street. Rough because I only had this rough canvas panel, and a brush that was so worn, it was like painting with a broom. But I wanted to get the sense of the light coming up behind the station, because that was beautiful.

A few weeks ago, I mentioned Yoko Ono's conceptual instructions. Many of these are things that you could actually do, and they would be life-changing.

If I were to write my own conceptual instruction, it would be this:

Open two suitcases, and fill them with your most useful and treasured possessions.
Sell or give away everything else you own.
Move to a new country with your two suitcases, and start a new life.

This is something you can really do. I know that, because last year it's what we did. When things did not work out in Europe, last week we followed these conceptual instructions again. It is probably the single most liberating action I've ever taken in my life.