Abstracted landscape, 19" x 25", mixed media on paper.

I wanted to let you all know that Cabrillo National Monument is having a huge art event on November 14 to showcase the Artist in Residence program.  There will be a reception the evening of the 14th, and as it happens, I will be in San Diego that weekend, so I will be there!  There will be several past and present AIR's, and the Monument will exhibit our work that is in their permanent collection.  (The past AIR's won't have anything offered for purchase at this event, but I do in fact have several Cabrillo paintings still available on my website.)  I'm extremely proud of the AIR program at Cabrillo, since I played a part in its inception and it has done great things for the Monument and for quite a few artists.  This year, there are four artists in residence there!  By the way, the 15th is "Open Tower Day" so if you've never gone up into the tower of the Old Lighthouse before, there's an opportunity!

The event on the 14th is called "Arts Afire" and will feature 40 artists throughout the park. I'll post more information as I get it.   If you'd like to see what work I  have available, I've updated and organized my website to make viewing easier.  Website:  kathrynlaw.com  and link for Cabrillo work is here. For more details about the making of all my Cabrillo paintings, click here to see everything tagged on the blog.