Lighthouse from the Bluffs

This is the back of the Lighthouse, viewed from the bluffs, done during the last paint-out with the Meetup group. 

12" X 9", o/cp. (Sold, private collection)

The intermittent fog and hazy sun made for an interesting atmosphere, but the challenge was to render that white building against a cool bright sky in weak sunlight, and to push it back so that the bluffs would get the attention.   This is a study for a larger work in progress, so I wrestled with this a bit.

Painting for a residency feels a bit like a combination of commissioned work (and it is, in a way, since one painting will be donated to the Monument's permanent collection) and painting to please a certain audience (the park visitors).  I have my own concept, which I've talked about here, and have mainly expressed it with subjects that interest me.  The response has been overwhelmingly positive, though admittedly everyone still wants to see more of the lighthouse.  And that's okay.