Tidepools and Radar

Fog Midtide, 6 X 8" o/cp (SOLD)

The Monument is an incredibly beautiful nature preserve.  These tidepools are where I did my first-ever plein air work four years ago with my brand new paintbox, the same one I use now on the bike.  There is a kelp forest right here that is the largest in the northern hemisphere, 8 km long and 1 km wide. 

Shaw's Agave with Radar, 6 X 8" o/cp

Cabrillo Point is a natural location for defenses such as the Navy's radar towers.  A theme that I'm exploring during this residency is the coexistence--actually, the mutual benefit--of natural and man-made elements.  I'll talk much more about this as the concept expands.  Radar towers aren't conventionally attractive, but I think they are beautiful when juxtaposed with the organic forms of this rare Shaw's Agave, an endangered plant.  

 Fire Control Station, 10" X 8", o/gessoed paper

During WWII, Cabrillo Point was the site of artillery installations and "control" (lookout) points like this one to help the batteries direct gunfire.  These are fascinating structures, sculpted in concrete to match the surrounding cliff.  This painting doesn't illustrate the structure very well--we're standing on the cliff looking down on the station, with the tidepools far below.   Here's a pencil sketch of another station a little further south; and on the crest just beyond, another radar tower and more agave overlooking the ocean: