Saturday Paint-out landscapes

These are from last Saturday, a paint-out with a great group here in San Diego, affiliated with SDAI and CAC.  We were at Sunset Cliffs Natural Park, one of the real treasures of living here.  It was the first plein air work I've done since working with PKR, and I was anxious to see how those principles would show themselves in my landscape work.  Simplifying the value plan, grouping the values, 2/3-1/3 balance, letting the color and the paint speak for themselves--it all works, regardless of subject.  These felt absolutely joyful.  They are small because I went there on the bike, so I had the 6 X 8 paintbox (see my setup in the photo at the top of the blog). 

Here are some pics of what I was looking at, more or less:

And here's a little resident who purposefully came RIGHT UP to me (that's my shoe at lower right), sat there and looked at me for about a minute, before meandering on.  So sweet.