DPW Help Japan Challenge

This is a benefit sale with all proceeds going to charities that directly benefit the stricken population of Japan.  The theme of this challenge is "home", so I've posted this La Playa Cove painting for auction, with all proceeds to go to the Japanese Red Cross.  This scene is the view out my window, but it's more than "home."  The tsunami showed itself here, elevating the tides several feet beyond normal with fluctuations that lasted for a week.  We were fortunate not to have any damage here (though other parts of California were not so lucky); but observing these effects here at home is a tangible reminder of the interconnectedness of all beings.

6" X 8", oil/cp.  The bidding starts at $50 for this painting, and if it goes over $100, then I am offering the winning bidder a second painting of La Playa Cove. 

Update:  These two paintings sold for a very generous donation, which I made to the Japanese Red Cross in the name of the buyer.  Thank you Michael!

"Cloudburst"  6" X 8", oil/cp

The benefit auction is still ongoing!
The link to the DPW page, with all paintings posted: