The Show is Up!

We hung the show at Cabrillo National Monument yesterday, and in the next couple days I'll get caught up on the most recent work that I haven't posted here yet.

This is the flyer (created by Ranger Tavio) to promote the show:

And here are some shots of the gallery and the installation process:

Ranger Tavio (right) and I, hanging a painting.  Below: the gallery, looking left and right.  One could not ask for a more beautiful setting.  It really adds dimension to the work, seeing the actual landscape where many of the paintings were created.

This is the information table, where there is now an exhibition catalog, business cards, my statement and CV.   That painting (yet to be posted here) is 20 X 24, and is really the centerpiece of the show.  It sums up my intention in this body of work.

If you would like to see all 26 works in the exhibition with my descriptions of each painting, you can see them on my website at this link.

A special shout-out to my sainted husband, who was instrumental in the success of this 4-hour installation process and who also took these pictures.

More soon.